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Fish Profiles 


I am currently in the process of hunting down a nice collapsing, cascading/tree style menu to make this section of the site look better as well as easier to use. If anybody knows of any good ones then please, feel free to e-mail me or post it's whereabouts in the general questions, suggestions, etc section of the messageboard. Full credit will be given.

Until I find a menu however, I will be sticking to this format and manually adding links to profiles as I finish them. Feel free to e-mail me on any discrepancies or wrong information that may have been added in the profiles. I have tried my best to check and cross reference any information I was myself lacking through personal experience, past research, etc, but I am only human after all and errors can and often do occur. Please provide some sort of online reference to back up your claim though as I want the information contained in this database to be as exact as possible. Again, full credit will be given for any information corrected.


Freshwater Fish

Spiny peacock Eel

Siamese Fighting Fish


Elephant Nose

Cockatoo Cichlid

Black Widow Tetra

Black Phantom Tetra

Black Ghost Knife

Baby Whale


Fresh water Invertebrates

Yet to come...


Saltwater Fish

Yet to come...


Satwater Invertebrates

Yet to come...



Yet to come...